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The enormous size of the diagonal Latin squares space makes it unfeasible to enumerate all its objects straightforwardly in reasonable time. So, in order to discover the structure of this space, sophisticated search methods are needed. In RakeSearch project, we implement an application that picks up separate pairs of mutually orthogonal DLSs, which allows to reconstruct full graphs of their orthogonality. You can contribute to our research by running a free program on your computer.

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R10 search temporary stopped!
Dear participants!

We stoped the sending of tasks for R10 RakeSearch due signal from Daniel about incorrect fragment of code of new application. Now we investigate the problem and after this - (presumably) will build a new application.
25 Jun 2019, 12:53:05 UTC · Discuss

Results of the first half of the June 2019!
Dear participants!

The search of "permutational ODLS" of rank 9 mostly completed in the first half of June. At the time of this report only several hundreds of results still in process state and maybe this report - the last report about findings. Any process has a beginning, life, and an end. Life of search in space of rank 9 comes to an end like a blooming flower. But the end of blossoming is not an end of a plant! In place of flowers come fruits! And after receiving the last result the next stage of work will start. And as the symbol of this month, we choose a wild rose, rosehips of which many hundreds of years are a source of vitamins and flavored tea! During the first part of the month, 2388 results were found by 171 participants and each of them got a badge from a photograph, that made by previous summer at one of the city parks of Karelia. We send our congratulations to:

fix and Stavebni firma Bostik Porici (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
bluestang (XtremeSystems) and [AF] Skinny06 (L'Alliance Francophone),
JZD and Miroslav Splichal (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
igos and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
adams and KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants (The Knights Who Say Ni!),
Peter and [DPC]Division_Brabant~Cow_tipping (Dutch Power Cows),
arkiss and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
rrubtsov and [AF>WildWildWest]Sebastien (L'Alliance Francophone),
matemajor and Frenky Picasso (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
Millenium and [AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone),
koronabora and [AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone),
Hartmut 53 and [AF>Occitania]franky82 (L'Alliance Francophone),
mike765321 and jiri kovar (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
AlexxSaigon and [AF>Libristes] Elorak (L'Alliance Francophone),
Guido Coppens and Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia),
EG (SETI.USA) and Karelian Center for Gender Studies (Karelia),
Bok (SETI.USA) and Sussie (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
marmot (Gridcoin) and BoincBoinc8 (L'Alliance Francophone),
ale4316 (Ukraine) and Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net),
saiz (Team China) and physics_engineer (Dutch Power Cows),
Casey ([H]ardOCP) and LeChat51X (L'Alliance Francophone),
FourOh (SETI.USA) and Steve Dodd (The Planetary Society),
Oleg (Russia Team) and Thyler Durden@P3D (Planet 3DNow!),
ID4 (SETI.Germany) and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone),
pututu ([H]ardOCP) and Тестовая учетная запись (Karelia),
marsinph (BOINC.BE) and BetelgeuseFive (Dutch Power Cows),
-jb- (SETI.Germany) and dpc_kluizenaar (Dutch Power Cows),
Kodeks IT (Karelia) and cineon_lut [BlackOps] (SETI.USA),
mcgrame (U.S. Army) and cyrusNGC_224@P3D (Planet 3DNow!),
KR Center (Karelia) and Matthias Lehmkuhl (SETI.Germany),
ИСУ ПБиОТ (Karelia) and [SG]KidDoesCrunch (SETI.Germany),
el_teniente (Russia) and joe carnivore (Rechenkraft.net),
JonS (UK BOINC Team) and [SG-FC] dingdong (SETI.Germany),
VogeL (SETI.Germany) and Bill F (Worldwide TechServices),
purplecfh (SETI.USA) and Tom_unoduetre (Rechenkraft.net),
citerra (Russia Team) and Fire$torm [BlackOps] (SETI.USA),
Nexuss (SETI.Germany) and owensse (The Planetary Society),
lydy1993 (Team China) and [SG-FC]schilli74 (SETI.Germany),
RoE187 (SETI.Germany) and Johannes Elsner (Planet 3DNow!),
Philip (OZ Crunchers) and [DPC] hansR (Dutch Power Cows),
genseed (Russia Team) and Sergey Zhikhorev (Russia Team),
jozef j (Russia Team) and Wabi CZ (Czech National Team),
Conan (Cobar Spiders) and entigy (Team England (Boinc)),
whowhere (AUGE@BOINC) and Птицы Петрозаводска (Karelia),
xoltar (SETI.Germany) and Dmitriy Otroschenko (Ukraine),
Gaucho (SETI.Germany) and http://vk.com/boinc (Karelia),
SergOZ (Crystal Dream) and Bigos2 (Czech National Team),
VietOZ (XtremeSystems) and killik (Czech National Team),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and polarbeardj (Crunching@EVGA),
JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!) and Theadalus (Dutch Power Cows),
GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech) and Tae Hyun Kim (SETIKAH@KOREA),
Timothy Mullican (USA) and ChristianVirtual ([H]ardOCP),
neon7515 (Russia Team) and Uwe-Bergstedt (SETI.Germany),
emoga (TeAm AnandTech) and PDW (OcUK - Overclockers UK),
FritzB (Planet 3DNow!) and [SG-2W]Kurzer (SETI.Germany),
Gipsel (Planet 3DNow!) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
Soderstromm (Gridcoin) and [SGa]HeNiNnG (SETI.Germany),
heizer (Planet 3DNow!) and Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia),
Kalomel (BOINC@Poland) and Skivelitis2 (Overclock.net),
Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream) and Tatka (Czech National Team),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and Rudy Toody (TeAm AnandTech),
Dingo (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and [B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
sergamena (Russia Team) and stoneageman (XtremeSystems),
Opolis (Crunching@EVGA) and Pjotr Panski (SETI.Germany),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and Rubencs (Dutch Power Cows),
herby44 (Planet 3DNow!) and bcavnaugh (Crunching@EVGA),
daniel.sawitzki@gmx.net and Bruce Kennedy (BOINCstats),
Freezing (SETI.Germany) and [SG-FC]shka (SETI.Germany),
mmonnin (Overclock.net) and nexiagsi16v (SETI.Germany),
zzuupp (TeAm AnandTech) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
Hoshione (SETI.Germany) and alfRKnet (Rechenkraft.net),
СУНТД Карелия (Karelia) and Besessener (Planet 3DNow!),
Uli2* (Sicituradastra.) and desktop64 (desktop64@home),
gbaker3 (Crunching@EVGA) and Vincent Dark (Team China),
muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA) and SG-Booster (SETI.Germany),
Jaari (Dutch Power Cows) and PC-COLLEGE (SETI.Germany),
CoolAtchOk (Russia Team) and Landjunge (Planet 3DNow!),
[SG]Felix (SETI.Germany) and Roadranner (SETI.Germany),
gingavasalata (Hrvatska) and BotXXX (Dutch Power Cows),
LordNord (Planet 3DNow!) and freestman (Chinese Dream),
Damic (Dutch Power Cows) and ChelseaOilman ([H]ardOCP),
pschoefer (SETI.Germany) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
XSmeagolX (SETI.Germany) and [SG]steini (SETI.Germany),
hase (SETI-team-hannover) and Sengieffe (UK BOINC Team),
Natalia (Karelia) and hoarfrost (Crystal Dream),
HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA).

Thank you for attention to the project and participation!
17 Jun 2019, 21:10:37 UTC · Discuss

Будущее проекта RakeSearch (Ru)
Дорогие участники!

Поиск ОДЛК 9-го порядка на 99.9% близок к завершению. Запущены тестовые задания для 10-го порядка, пока — только для платформ Linux x86-64 и Windows x86-64. В среднем одно такое задание осуществляет перебор большего числа квадратов за то же самое время. Пока что ни в одном задании не удалось обнаружить пары перестановочных квадратов 10-го порядка. Мы планируем провести тестовый поиск по небольшой части пространства квадратов (возможно, порядка миллиона), чтобы понять перспективы. Если таких пар не найдется, то проект разумно будет завершить, чтобы не занимать ваши процессорные мощности зря. Если найдутся — это будет новым результатом и базой для нового поиска.

В любом случае, проект не дублирует расчеты Gerasim@home и ODLK/ODLK1 для 10-го порядка.

Обсуждение на английском здесь.

С уважением, Наталия и hoarfrost
12 Jun 2019, 16:50:50 UTC · Discuss

May 2019 totals
Dear folks!

In the first minutes of summer of 2019, progress of current search crossed a milestone of 97% of completion! About 670 000 workunits wait for canonical result at this moment. During the second half of May 3996 (7294 - in a whole month) results with "permutational" ODLS pairs were received and we congratulate participants who find them:

JZD and Stavebni firma Bostik Porici (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
fix and Miroslav Splichal (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
adams and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966 (L'Alliance Francophone),
XAVER and KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants (The Knights Who Say Ni!),
Набор and [AF>Amis des Lapins] chapam (L'Alliance Francophone),
josch and [DPC]Division_Brabant~Cow_tipping (Dutch Power Cows),
arkiss and Frenky Picasso (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
Server and [AF>Amis des Lapins] Ceclo (L'Alliance Francophone),
Speedy and [AF>Libristes]MortelKni (L'Alliance Francophone),
raddoc and [AF>Occitania]franky82 (L'Alliance Francophone),
zgf2022 and jiri kovar (LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic),
rrubtsov and [AF>Libristes]cguillem (L'Alliance Francophone),
hajaumea and Brian Minear (University of Colorado, Boulder),
Millenium and [AF>Libristes] Pascal (L'Alliance Francophone),
matemajor and [AF>Libristes] Elorak (L'Alliance Francophone),
Hartmut 53 and Международная база наблюдений комет (Karelia),
mike765321 and Karelian Center for Gender Studies (Karelia),
AlexxSaigon and [AF] Skinny06 (L'Alliance Francophone),
Bok (SETI.USA) and Skywalker@Athens (Macedonia is Greek!),
shiva (SETI.USA) and Michael H.W. Weber (Rechenkraft.net),
Russell L Wright and Jesus_Christ_Is_Lord (SETIKAH@KOREA),
ale4316 (Ukraine) and Hal Bregg (The Scottish Boinc Team),
FourOh (SETI.USA) and Egon olsen (Meisterkuehler.de Team),
Casey ([H]ardOCP) and physics_engineer (Dutch Power Cows),
marmot (Gridcoin) and LeChat51X (L'Alliance Francophone),
saiz (Team China) and Steve Dodd (The Planetary Society),
FDB ITALIA S.r.l. and BetelgeuseFive (Dutch Power Cows),
pututu ([H]ardOCP) and dpc_kluizenaar (Dutch Power Cows),
Oleg (Russia Team) and Тестовая учетная запись (Karelia),
ID4 (SETI.Germany) and Stephen Uitti (Project Blue Book),
KR Center (Karelia) and Thyler Durden@P3D (Planet 3DNow!),
marsinph (BOINC.BE) and Exnihilo Curatio (Crunching@EVGA),
Kodeks IT (Karelia) and Rhodan71 (L'Alliance Francophone),
ИСУ ПБиОТ (Karelia) and cyrusNGC_224@P3D (Planet 3DNow!),
-jb- (SETI.Germany) and [SG]KidDoesCrunch (SETI.Germany),
mcgrame (U.S. Army) and Henk Haneveld (Dutch Power Cows),
Werinbert (Free-DC) and cineon_lut [BlackOps] (SETI.USA),
JonS (UK BOINC Team) and Pavel_Kirpichenko (Russia Team),
purplecfh (SETI.USA) and Johannes Elsner (Planet 3DNow!),
VogeL (SETI.Germany) and Fire$torm [BlackOps] (SETI.USA),
mimeq (BOINC@Poland) and joe carnivore (Rechenkraft.net),
BirdIV (Russia Team) and [SG-FC]schilli74 (SETI.Germany),
el_teniente (Russia) and michael-u5a1 (BOINC@Heidelberg),
cluster-krc (Karelia) and Tom_unoduetre (Rechenkraft.net),
Beyond (Ars Technica) and owensse (The Planetary Society),
Rustelo (Russia Team) and [SG-FC] dingdong (SETI.Germany),
Conan (Cobar Spiders) and al@ON (L'Alliance Francophone),
jozef j (Russia Team) and arjanscholl (Dutch Power Cows),
genseed (Russia Team) and Sergey Zhikhorev (Russia Team),
citerra (Russia Team) and [DPC] hansR (Dutch Power Cows),
Topper (SETI.Germany) and Administrator (SETIKAH@KOREA),
xoltar (SETI.Germany) and Artificial (Dutch Power Cows),
RoE187 (SETI.Germany) and Птицы Петрозаводска (Karelia),
MacRuh (SETI.Germany) and http://vk.com/boinc (Karelia),
lydy1993 (Team China) and Dmitriy Otroschenko (Ukraine),
whowhere (AUGE@BOINC) and [SG]MichaelR. (SETI.Germany),
Gaucho (SETI.Germany) and Uwe-Bergstedt (SETI.Germany),
Argento (BOINC@Poland) and killik (Czech National Team),
Gipsel (Planet 3DNow!) and PDW (OcUK - Overclockers UK),
JagDoc (Planet 3DNow!) and Shaman (Czech National Team),
VietOZ (XtremeSystems) and [SG-2W]Kurzer (SETI.Germany),
Soderstromm (Gridcoin) and polarbeardj (Crunching@EVGA),
emoga (TeAm AnandTech) and Theadalus (Dutch Power Cows),
FritzB (Planet 3DNow!) and Pjotr Panski (SETI.Germany),
heizer (Planet 3DNow!) and [SGa]HeNiNnG (SETI.Germany),
Dan Sargent (SETI.USA) and Tatka (Czech National Team),
matszpk (BOINC@Poland) and robbysites (Crunching@EVGA),
Timothy Mullican (USA) and Skivelitis2 (Overclock.net),
GLeeM (TeAm AnandTech) and respawner (Rechenkraft.net),
RFGuy_KCCO ([H]ardOCP) and ClaudiusD (Rechenkraft.net),
Spritex (BOINC@Denmark) and SystemViper (XtremeSystems),
Shmya-2 (Crystal Dream) and Astronomy.Karelia (Karelia),
СУНТД Карелия (Karelia) and Rudy Toody (TeAm AnandTech),
whizbang (Ars Technica) and stoneageman (XtremeSystems),
Uli2* (Sicituradastra.) and [B@P] Daniel (BOINC@Poland),
Dingo (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and Ralfy (BOINC Confederation),
Crunch3r (BOINC United) and [SG] ronaldo (SETI.Germany),
daniel.sawitzki@gmx.net and alfRKnet (Rechenkraft.net),
mmonnin (Overclock.net) and Besessener (Planet 3DNow!),
Stiwi (Rechenkraft.net) and GridFighter (SETI.Germany),
herby44 (Planet 3DNow!) and BritishBob (Overclock.net),
Hoshione (SETI.Germany) and rodikal (Dutch Power Cows),
kashi (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and desktop64 (desktop64@home),
Contact (BOINC Synergy) and Rubencs (Dutch Power Cows),
427jmf (Crunching@EVGA) and [SG-FC]shka (SETI.Germany),
Dr Who Fan (BOINCstats) and nexiagsi16v (SETI.Germany),
sergamena (Russia Team) and Bruce Kennedy (BOINCstats),
Freezing (SETI.Germany) and bcavnaugh (Crunching@EVGA),
Damic (Dutch Power Cows) and GALAX-ZERO (Planet 3DNow!),
CoolAtchOk (Russia Team) and ReaDy (Astronomy.Ru Forum),
Paulteo (Crunching@EVGA) and Vincent Dark (Team China),
Jaari (Dutch Power Cows) and HK-Steve (Crunching@EVGA),
declis (Rechenkraft.net) and Sengieffe (UK BOINC Team),
HenkM (Dutch Power Cows) and BotXXX (Dutch Power Cows),
Jelle (Dutch Power Cows) and ChelseaOilman ([H]ardOCP),
muzzdiez (SETIKAH@KOREA) and Landjunge (Planet 3DNow!),
XSmeagolX (SETI.Germany) and PC-COLLEGE (SETI.Germany),
glennpat (XtremeSystems) and freestman (Chinese Dream),
LordNord (Planet 3DNow!) and SG-Booster (SETI.Germany),
[SG]Felix (SETI.Germany) and LCB001 (Hardware Canucks),
trebotuet (SETI.Germany) and Server (Dutch Power Cows),
yuntao.chen (Team China) and bluestang (XtremeSystems),
JugNut (BOINC@AUSTRALIA) and Roadranner (SETI.Germany),
gbaker3 (Crunching@EVGA) and hoarfrost (Crystal Dream),
pschoefer (SETI.Germany) and hase (SETI-team-hannover).

Currently, we test an application for new research and after ending current search you can delete optimized application with app_info.xml (if you use it) and start to receive tasks for new research.

Thank you for attention to the project and participation!
1 Jun 2019, 7:31:03 UTC · Discuss

Future of the RakeSearch project
Dear folks!

Two days ago the project reached a milestone of 95% of completion. As part of the current search, it remains to process about 1100 000 workunits. In the next few days, we plan to generate one or several bunches of workunits for new search - in space of diagonal Latin squares of rank 10. Initially, tasks only under Linux x86-64 platform will be available, if their processing is successful, the application for Windows will be released.
A few words about the new search. We expect that an typical task will process more squares for the same time (on average). In the application for a new search, we implement some optimizations and it will be significantly faster than default application for search in space of rank 9. Another interesting thing - the search space, itself. We increase a square rank by only one stage - from 9 to 10. Currently, for workunit names we use a format R9_<8 digits> (R9_022248939 for example) and first digit from tuple - always 0. But for the naming of workunits for a new search, if we try to count all of them, we must use a format like _0000000000000001! (We don't know the number of workunits for full search in space of rank 10 precisely, but rough estimate - about 160 millions of millions of workunits). The current search comprises 23 000 000 workunits, but the full search in rank 10 space targets about 7 000 000 searches of rank 9! Of course, we cannot perform a search like this. Even with new Ryzens. :)
Also, today we do not know whether or not "permutational" orthogonal diagonal Latin squares of rank 10 exist.
For the reasons listed below, we plan to perform a search over a tiny part of entire search space - may be 1 million of workunits, may be larger, but we don't want to run an endless search without any results, because many other interesting and useful projects exist.

Thank you for attention and participation!
26 May 2019, 21:21:30 UTC · Discuss

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